Strategic risk audits

iRMA – the intelligent Risk Management Audit

Intelligent Risk Management is a strategy that gives an organisation

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Stability.

This unique risk audit protects resources, reputation and revenue by applying preventative measures to managing threats.  It helps the organisation to avoid or reduce damage, disruption and displacement whilst increasing efficiency, productivity and profits.

iRMA provides enterprise leaders with an holistic view of their organisation.  It uses known information about current management methodology to “rate” each area of operation against a notional “best practice” benchmark.  It covers all aspects of commercial risk in financial management, internal operations and external relationships.

Most large organisations have specialist managers reporting to the leadership on areas of obvious risk, including IT systems and information management, compliance, security and asset protection, supply chain management, quality control and customer relationships.  The big question for enterprise leaders is “How do you measure the managers and their effectiveness?”

iRMA measures how well the organisation balances control with flexibility, consistency with innovation, continuity with change.  It provides a benchmark against which to monitor performance on a regular basis, using an overall assessment of the risk profile of the enterprise.