Risk predictor

Risk Predictor is a comprehensive online risk audit which you complete confidentially at your own pace.  Completed sections are automatically saved, so that each time you log in you start at the next question.

The audit takes a 360˚ view of the organisation, identifying threats and vulnerability and assessing the current risk management strategy.  It investigates 20 separate risk categories and rates them against “best practice” standards.  The audit investigates risk from the following aspects:

  1. Physical security
  2. Resources and portable property
  3. Information storage and retrieval
  4. Intellectual property & reputation
  5. Crime prevention
  6. Accident prevention
  7. Fire prevention
  8. Quality Management standards
  9. Staff recruitment, training, development & retention
  10. Business continuity & disaster recovery planning
  11. Succession planning
  12. Sustainability
  13. Product life cycle and service life cycle planning
  14. New product research & development
  15. Market planning & development
  16. Customer experience
  17. Supply chain management
  18. People performance management
  19. Financial performance management
  20. Enterprise Risk Management systems

You are only 3 steps away from obtaining a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the security threats and vulnerabilities facing your organisation.  This is all you need to do, to obtain your confidential report listing the priorities for action, with commentary and recommendations:

  1. Register online to confirm that your organisation is eligible.
  2. Receive confirmation and pay the audit fee online.
  3. Enter your unique client identification and password to complete your online audit.

To proceed with your application, please contact us to apply to register.

A 360˚ view of the organisation identifying threats and vulnerabilities
A 360˚ view of the organisation identifying threats and vulnerabilities