Peter J Clark


Peter’s long career has been concentrated in the service sector, spanning the printing, aviation, hospitality and security sectors. In addition, he has extensive experience at account director and board director level in marketing services agencies and has also led event management teams, managing large scale programmes and projects for both corporate and public sector clients. Peter is also a qualified coach and mentor.

Working as a consultant to business owners and enterprise leaders since 2002, on strategic direction and development, Peter has developed a special interest in succession planning and continuity for both commercial and third-sector organisations. There are two key elements to the specialist contribution which Peter offers. They are:

  • Infinity Strategy®
    • Enterprise leaders around the world are expected to provide direction, inspire respect and ensure the sustainability of their organisations.  The real challenge is to think well beyond the horizon and to dream of an infinite future for the enterprise.  That is the purpose behind the concept of Infinity Strategy®.
  • iRMA - the intelligent Risk Management Audit
    • The essence of Infinity Strategy® is to be able to regularly assess threats to the survival of the enterprise, with the aim of ensuring stability and sustainability.  The strategic management tool developed specifically with this objective in mind - iRMA - provides enterprise leaders with an holistic view of their organisation.  It uses known information about current management methodology to “rate” each area of operation against a notional “best practice” standard. 
Board-level advice on strategic planning, leadership and risk management
Board-level advice on strategic planning, leadership and risk management