Infinity strategy

What is Infinity Strategy®?

Enterprise leaders around the world face similar challenges and obligations.  They are expected to provide strategic direction, inspire respect and ensure the sustainability of their organisation.  The real challenge is to think well beyond the horizon and to dream of an infinite future for the enterprise.  That is the purpose behind the concept of Infinity Strategy®.

Enterprise risk management in the 21st Century is established as a vital management discipline, across all sectors both private and public.  Within that broad strategic framework, succession planning is one essential element that is generally not recognised or appreciated for its significance.  It tends to be viewed as a short-term issue and related only to people in key leadership roles.

There is a wider issue of which succession planning is part, which is the survival of the enterprise.  If we think of it as a living organism and apply the Darwinian evolutionary theory of natural selection, then sustainability and infinite survival depend on an ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Infinity Strategy® encourages a mind-set that recognises that continuous regeneration is necessary if the enterprise is to remain vibrant.  There are core elements of every enterprise which will inevitably change over time and require continuous regeneration or adaptation to survive.   They include:

  • Human resources
  • Raw and modified materials
  • Energy
  • Technological applications
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Operating systems.

In addition, external factors that cannot be controlled but have an equal impact include:

  • Competition for resources and customers 
  • Environmental and regulatory conditions
  • Societal changes, demographics
  • Changing tastes and expectations
  • Economics and politics.

Infinity Strategy® offers an exciting opportunity to create a legacy well beyond the conventional planning time span.  The benefits it offers are increased awareness and improved anticipation, resulting in greater confidence and better preparedness for both the predictable and the unknown.  It will also encourage stakeholders to make a strong commitment, knowing that the leadership’s focus is on maintaining a secure future for the enterprise.


Leadership responsibility includes ensuring a secure sustainable future for the organisation
Leadership responsibility includes ensuring a secure sustainable future for the organisation