Customer satisfaction

Happy people make people happy.  That’s the key to customer satisfaction.  People obviously work well when they feel happy, but what factors affect their attitude?  There are many of course, personal and professional, but we think that communication is key.  There is nothing more discouraging than feeling that you are being kept in the dark and not given all the facts.  Treat adults with the respect they deserve and they will more readily accept the pressure and stress that goes with the job.

So, COMMUNICATION is the first part of the magic formula.  The second element is MOTIVATION.

In our experience, client organisations rely on the goodwill and co-operation of employees and other business partners, including dealers, agents or resellers, to achieve their corporate goals and to promote brand values.  Sharing information and providing support are essential, but motivating people is essential to hitting targets, including customer satisfaction ratings.

One of the most powerful forms of motivation is personal RECOGNITION.  Every team has its stars, but success depends on co-operation and co-ordination.  The team members in support roles and specialist positions are sometimes overshadowed and under-appreciated.  All egos need feeding, even though some are bigger than others.

The return on investment from these initiatives can be measured in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

Quantitative measures can include:

  • sales volumes
  • market share
  • new customers
  • profits. 

Examples of qualitative measures are:

  • customer satisfaction or approval ratings
  • customer loyalty (repeat orders or increased spend)
  • complaints, product failures or returns.

Celebrating successes with both staff and customers reinforces their value and relevance for all concerned, but also encourages consistent application of approved standards.That in turn sustains high levels of customer satisfaction.


Employee motivation and recognition helps in achieving customer satisfaction
Employee motivation and recognition helps in achieving customer satisfaction